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What benefits can I expect from Internal Cleansing?
What benefits can I expect from Internal Cleansing?
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Support for Healthy Digestion and a Robust Immune System - With 10x the surface area of your skin, your intestinal wall is the potential entrance to foreign invaders. A poorly functioning digestive system exposes your body to toxins in your bloodstream. Your body may react with an inappropriate immune response which can drain your energy. Cleansing may promote the restoration of digestive functions and reduce the burden on your immune system.*

Increased Mental Clarity and Focus - Without regular elimination (at least once per day), undigested food can literally compost in your body, releasing toxins into your bloodstream. This can adversely affect your mental and emotional state. Herbal cleansing may help reduce this internal source of toxins, clearing your thinking and reducing emotional swings.*

Sustained Energy and a Shift Towards Healthier Habits - In addition to a boost in energy, many people have found that our herbal cleansing kits are a terrific aid in decreasing their dependence on habit-forming foods such as sugar, caffeine and junk foods. Doing a cleanse can be a good way to start embracing healthier habits that result in long-lasting, sustained energy. You may also experience relief from body and breath odors, gas and flatulence, bloating and a white or coated tongue.*

Clear Skin and a Vibrant Appearance - When the body’s main elimination channel, the colon, is backed up, toxic molecules overflow into the bloodstream and travel to the skin, which is another pathway for wastes to exit the body. Cleansing may help you achieve clearer skin and let your true radiance shine through.*

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and should not be treated as professional medical advice.

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