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What should I do if my commissions are not showing up?
What should I do if my commissions are not showing up?
Updated over a week ago

While we use the most advanced technology to track affiliate commissions there are a few things clients can do that do not allow us to track their browser activity, this may prevent the proper tracking of a purchase from time-to-time. Please read and ensure the following before raising a ticket.

  • Commissions are paid out 30 days after the product purchase to ensure there are no changes or returns. You will be able to see this sale in your dashboard but the commissions will not be released until 30 days.

  • If your client did not use your affiliate link and instead used a direct link to the store or product commission cannot be tracked. No worries fill out the form here and we will try to get this taken care of for you.

  • If your client used a third party app which blocks cookies and their IP address there is a potential for their sale not to be tracked. Report that sale here and we will try to manually correct the sale information for commissions.

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