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Have your Monatomics been tested?
Have your Monatomics been tested?
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Yes, we have experimented according to clinical protocols on selected samples of 300 people per trial. ORMEs has an extraordinary effect on the state of awareness. This effect has a very deep impact not only in the central nervous system, as a biological element of consciousness, but also at a much more subtle level touching the energetic platform of microtubules, in which the quantum state is of relevant importance. Our lab, in several projects, has been exploring new methodologies for extracting m-state elements found in certain plants and minerals.

This means that people at the lab collect facts and relate them to entire systems of spagyric, alchemical, and scientific concepts. This includes the beliefs and perceptions that they hold about the world around them. It also includes the way they observe and measure their surroundings, how they solve problems, and how they validate new information. It includes the processes whereby knowledge is generated, stored, applied and transmitted to others.

Newly identified medicinal plants and minerals are tested with regard to their ORMEs potential and subtle body actions. This is done by means of high-performance screening systems. Our lab understands that our know-how in research, production and marketing of high-quality innovative monatomic gold, ORMEs based products and m-state elements must not only be maintained but must also be systematically and continuously developed for the expansion of the human species. Our focus remains to target the holistic mind-body-spirit rebalancing phenomena, chakra tuning, along with the improvement of perceptual response and the increase of the state of presence and induced awareness.

Spagyrics is a serious argument in some European countries and they must meet the standards of pharmacopoeia. We are certainly very armored with the pharmaceutical GMP standard and adherence to the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB), the U.S.Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopoeia which certainly puts us in a position of advantage.

The subject is very serious and often we have to silence the critics by very solid arguments. In Spagyrics, the standard existing today recognized by the German Pharmacopoeia (and hence by Ph. Eur and HPUS) involves:

  • Zimpel method

  • Gluckesig method

  • Soluna method

  • Krauss method

  • Pekana method

  • Strathmeyer method

  • Glückselig method

  • Von Bernus Method

The methods Ulrich, Heinz, Luthi, Baumann are allowed but are not recognized as HAB-standards. The methods for the extraction of elements (including radionuclides and radioisotopes) for pharmaceutical application follow the GMP standards internationally recognized and the relevant pharmacopoeias. The plant must be compliant with this standard, recognized and certified.

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and should not be treated as professional medical advice.

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