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How can something that is "non-local" affect me?
How can something that is "non-local" affect me?
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The non-local Universe by Robert Nadeau remarks; “classical physics states that physical reality is local – a point in space cannot influence another point beyond a relatively short distance. However, this was proven incorrect. In 1997, experiments were conducted in which light particles (photons) originated under certain conditions and traveled in opposite directions to detectors located about seven miles apart. The amazing results indicated that the photons “interacted” or “communicated” with one another instantly or “in no time.”

Since a distance of seven miles is quite vast in quantum physics, this led physicists to an extraordinary conclusion – even if experiments could somehow be conducted in which the distance between the detectors was half-way across the known universe, the results would indicate that interaction or communication between the photons would be instantaneous. What was revealed in these little-known experiments in 1997 is that physical reality is non-local, a discovery that Robert Nadeau and Menas Kafatos view as “the most momentous in the history of science.”

This is a fascinating relationship between matter and light. Please reference the Superluminal Summary for more information. There is strong evidence that human beings are composed of light bodies. For our quest, we are effectively creating an inner body communication tool that works despite its non-locality.

Further, there exists something more complex called quantum entanglement that occurs because particles can be physically separated in four dimensions yet have no separation in terms of the transfer of information (such as quantum states) in eight-dimensional space (Ken Renshaw).

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