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Is there a Cell Salt for hair loss?
Is there a Cell Salt for hair loss?
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Cell salts assist in replenishing and maintaining healthy cells in the body. You will find the cell salts below that assist with hair loss. You will find these salts in the Biochemical Cell Salt Kit provided on the site.

Kali. Sulph: Assists in distributing oxygen throughout the body to restore the system.

Nat. Mur: A fluid regulator with proportions of principle elements needed for healthy blood.

Silica: Promotes thick hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles, treating dandruff, retarding split ends, and improves hair luster.

To reinforce cell salt use you will find below fruits, vegetables, and herbs also rich in the above elements. You should use these foods in conjunction with treatments and be sure to find them in their organic form to ensure the mineral content is present.

Kali. Sulph: almonds, chicory, endives, barley, carrots, linseed, mustard seed, parsley watercress, rye bread.

Nat, Mur: apples, figs, spinach, parsley, asparagus, beet root, sesame seeds, strawberries, cabbage.

Silica: apricots, guavas, lemons, oranges, soya bean, barley, lentils, pomegranates, quinces, horsetail, comfrey, dandelion.

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