I have questions about Ennealogy and other spiritual matters.
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Wholeness. There is a plethora of metaphysical wisdom and application we have presented over the years provided for free online. Unfortunately we do not have the the amount of personnel and time in support required to answer every individual question about these type of spiritual matters which can be lengthy. This is why we created Ambassador Training and Sovereignty Mentorship

Here you fill find an outline of what is offered in Ambassador Training. We also offer Specialist Training for free however Ennealogy and direct engagement is offered exclusively as a part of Ambassador Training. 

Here is what you receive when enrolling in Ambassador Training

Masterminds have assembled to forge your projection in the kiln until perfected. Ambassador Training is a state-of-the-art academy that focuses on Metaphysical Sovereignty.

Ambassador training includes Tribe mentorship and access to lectures and meditations designed for achieving success and fulfillment in life's most important areas. This includes Sovereignty Mentorship, Conscious Entrepreneurship, Wealth Enhancement via Product Affiliation and Soul Coach Training.  There are currently 80+ lectures in this series and new content is added daily. 

Connect 24/7 with Sevan and the Tribe via Whatsapp in an amazing nonstop build of empowerment. 

Learn more about yourself with Ennealogy and metaphysical knowledge exclusively found in this training.

Enjoy 80+ training videos, instructional courses, and meditations. 

Participate in live classes and exclusive presentations presented by Sevan Bomar and other Adepts.

Earn 12% commission on the total value of any sale you are responsible for.

The mentorship is $79 a month and can be canceled at any time. You can even earn cash with our product affiliation and offset if not eliminate these fees!

In addition to sovereignty mentorship, we also give you a proficient way to earn wealth. After enrolling you will also be given access and credentials to our Affiliate Program which contains a new way of earning capital without selling products directly. You can now get paid for representing over 100 of the world's best holistic products and courses!  You can learn more about one of the methods you can easily do this by watching the following video. 



Accordingly, as human beings we're communal, yet we often lack peers to connect with that have similar ambitions and goals. Spiritech is a Tribe of Seekers focused on expanding towards sovereignty and increasing their metaphysical awareness. Once you join you will be given access to our social group specifically moderated to benefit neophyte and adept alike. With the convenience of your cell phone, you'll experience a true 24/7 connection with like-minded people all around the world. Our support network of Adepts has the experience and solution and are genuinely interested in your expansion.


Our courses are specifically crafted to maximize the return on the time invested in yourself. We've taken a new approach in addressing the issues many of us face in maximizing our prosperity consciously. We've identified the problems that hinder our manifestations and the solutions to fix them. These steps are revealed in the secrets of the mind, body, and soul connection. We provide the master mentorship needed to bring these aspects of self together to work in tandem and create real results.


Not everyone is a marketing guru or design manager so we've simplified the wealth process by giving you all of the technologies and products needed to start earning karma free wealth. You can also use these resources to fortify and compliment any new or existing holistic business. 


Sevan Bomar is a Metaphysician and Specialist in lifestyle advancement, finance, and self-development. He is a serial entrepreneur creating social platforms & consumer electronics that accelerate consciousness including the world's first conscious social network Secret Energy and devices such as PhiAqua®.

Born in Detroit Michigan and raised in Oceanside California he had a unique childhood that blended the two extremes of advanced spirituality and technology. Finally After a series of events, accounted in detail in his personal memoirs, he was able to receive and decipher several codes embedded in the language, symbolism, and reality around us. Armed with this awareness he authored the book, The Code to the Matrix, an occult linguistic primer that went viral upon its release. This blueprint after several stages of refinement has become the foundation for many in gaining a strong bearing of what exactly is happening on earth on all levels of importance.

The primary purpose of creating Ambassador Training is to cultivate the uniqueness of our Aspirants in order to produce the next harmonic leaders of art and industry by unlocking your uniqueness. So, we recognize the lack of conscious connections in key places necessary to catapult a major projection and we utilize our vast network to integrate and/or form these ties. Sovereignty through sustainability is the primary focus while we help you succeed in your goal of reaching total fulfillment.

Sevan has pioneered over a decade of open source spirituality while sharing knowledge and applications with thousands of members. The networks he has been instrumental in creating span across the world with Seekers from all walks of life all united in one co-creation.


For more information about Ambassador Training click here.

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