For example: like the stone Tiger’s Eye, they’re all one stone, different fragments of the same stone. All forms of crystals, in time are different things, but all in the same moment the same thing. Something come’s from nothing, it’s there as a hard point in this reality, a benefit because we get to go beyond that limitation that we think is being put there. But it demands respect because sometimes we ask questions that do not have answers, answers are specific to a certain field, there’s spaces where words, conversations, don’t exist. There’s so much more of a greater aspect of being. The Higher Levels the things that are perceived are different from here because we itemize things to the miniscule. There are things that aren’t able to be answered, and that’s a great thing because if we found answers to where nothing comes from surely, we’d find death and fear to it too.

Sometimes relationships are that way too, when we feel like we found someone out, that almost seems to be when we’re ready to move on. Because it’s a natural form of construct of being a soul or consciousness, it means that there are going to be these things that can’t be answered and with our logical mind attempt to understand them and they’re not going to render themselves to be understood for us because they can’t be. There’s no latitude and longitude to everything, a specific name for the original essence. And that’s the realm of the question that is being asked, and that’s what opens up the paradox is being able to allow us to have that space to tap into energy that is unlimited to anything that can hinder us. It becomes useful, when you’re in a situation that you feel stuck, like a life sentence, there’s a power that can overturn that sentence because you didn’t give in to this concept that there was something that was impossible here. 

Every female fetus, including your mom, developed all the eggs she will ever have while a fetus still inside of her own mom. And of course, one of those eggs ultimately developed into you. Her memory is yours, that DNA line that’s infinite and has no end, and we’re always connected. Your past present and future all in the one body. 
        We have this unity connection, unity code, but as that descends and moves out it becomes a part of your unique spirit. Not just the ancestral relationship and that karmic path, but also like a drop in the vast ocean, the first water we receive from our mother’s womb, and her from her mother’s womb, and so on, by the water of our body being made up mostly by water we connected to all our ancestors through our bodily water, not only through our mother’s side, but semen also has water, and as all comes out and through it’s what has made you YOU. 

Because 2’s being water elements, it’s important to master the water element. The water you’re drinking, doing regular cleanses to clean out mucus that can carry parasites, having massages, and that internal process of going in can help the reflections you are seeing externally to you and help you raise your consciousness, also getting intimate with the moon cycles by utilizing a moon calendar. 

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