If someone is under doctor’s care, take that advise first. The Ho'oponopono meditation became popularized by a shaman in Hawaii because he used this meditation to start healing people in psych wards in Hawaii. All is self and addressing it as a part of ourselves. There’s a lot of YouTube videos that have the meditation on repeat. The declaration for it are: “I love you, Thank You, Please Forgive me, I’m sorry.” 

You are a part of his soul energy and flesh and blood. Tune into your brother’s energy, and call in support whether from your ancestor, or your higher self or his higher self. When you start opening portals, you may open portals for other things so closing contracts, with affirmations, since words are swords, you can start to affirm your word is law and you say something like: 

As flesh and blood caretaker of my brother, I affirm now that all beings, entities, vibrations, that are accessing his field and harvesting his energy confusing him and causing trauma, may Access him no longer. I make this word a proclamation of our family and our soul’s lineage. I call fourth all high vibrational beings to be here to witness this and pledge all of these beings in a spiritual code of equity any energy that they continue wish to persist can persist no longer and that this is made in love and compassion and that those beings will have their day in due court in terms of the galactic council, but in being able to access my brother you will no longer be able to access now and henceforth now and across all timelines and dimensions. 

 Call to totems, call to all directions, being able to protect him and clear out any energies. If your intention is there, then that’s everything. Being in his presence doing something that can take his mind of those things. As a family member, you can intercede. Your brother tapped into something, knowing what actually occurred helps you in knowing what type of projections you need to be putting in. 

You having to upgrade yourself to tap into what is going on to your brother. Be there and be present is so important with people who are going though that process. They need that affirmation of authenticity of someone who is actually there vs what he’s experience. 

There’s resource called Spiritual Emergency, which links what society calls mental disorder with there being a spiritual root to it. 

The Andrews Bartziz Declaration is recommended, and also The Tarpana, which is the offering of foods to the ancestors, every morning getting a bit of rice, a bit of black sesame seed on your hands, and put a silver coin on top of that, and call upon 6 generations from your mother and dad’s side, saying the Ho'oponopono prayer, I’m giving you this food, please bless my family. And you pour the rice and the sesame seeds into the sink but you keep the silver coin for the next day. There are auspicious days to do this, like 28th of February, when the ancestors come to earth. You could do it for the next 6 months. Your feeding your own elders from you own DNA, and you feel the energy coming in.

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