Listen to your body, you’re better off to start taking a look at your diet specifically and removing foods like the saturated fats and things that you know is causing the problems and replacing them with better alternatives. There are cleansing kits that give you the step by step on cleansing the body properly. There’s one on the Secret Energy Shop, under Detox. Anima Mundi has one, so checking out actual detox step by step processes then going straight to the quick fasts or detoxes, but you might need something more intrinsic. 

Regarding weight loss, paying attention to what you are eating and tracking it, and that should lead you to being more aware and in control and thinking of some shifts that would be right for your body type. 

Stress makes you gain weight, avoid stress, because sometimes weight isn’t only about the food you are eating. More importantly looking into a long-term way of eating, a Ayurvedic diet is recommended and looking into what your Dosha body type is. In terms of fasting there are days that you fast on, for the path 5 it is recommended to fast on Full Moons, and also if you were born on a Wednesday on a Wednesday. 

Weight also connects with a protection mechanism, some people hold more weight, if there are some unresolved emotions, and hurts. 

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