Psychic 3 & 9 are the best possible combination, but it doesn’t mean you will not deal with conflict. But it is a great arrangement. The 9 doesn’t want to deal with conflict, proactively as a 3 you might have to be the one to address the 9. The 9 can be very compromising because they don’t want conflict, but don’t expect the 9 to address every issue. 

Give time and space, initiate a conversation communicating what’s going on maybe you need to step out for a few hours. Even though 9s like to avoid conflict, if there is conflict, you won’t win against the 9 you will just do more damage to yourself. Knowing how to communicate with this being and not feeling like you are going to win the discussion, you are better of stepping out and coming back with another level to a conversation. 

You have to Gage where they are at in their journey, not everyone is where you are at. You need to have patience, not because you feel like you are better than them but be mindful of your attitude towards his space and his growth. Be mindful how you are approaching someone in knowing the knowledge. 

It is our responsibility to plant the seed, but it’s the mothers work that determines how fast it germinates, so the time of the development of that person is not up to us. If the person is not conscious or on the same vibration, that doesn’t exclude them from also being a part of the grand creation and the metamorphosis of self. 

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