How to Integrate the Coinbase Pro Exchange

Add Coinbase Pro as an exchange.

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⚠️Important Coinbase pro will not work in New York because they do not have a USDT pair. You will need to fund your Coinbase Pro Tether (USDT) wallet with your investment capital. All Tether in this wallet will be used by Wealthybot.

After logging in to the Coinbase pro website, click on your name at the top right of the screen. A menu expands and in that menu you choose "API".

A menu will open, choose the button "+New API Key"

In this menu you do the following: You give the API key a name in the appropriate window. You activate "View" and "Trade". Copy the "Passphrase", because you need that code in BitBrokerTrade to make the link effective.

Click on "Create API Key".

Coinbase will then ask for your Google Authenticator Code.

Once you have entered it, your "Secret API Key" will appear. Copy this to your notepad. This is only visible now, but you need it in BitBrokerTrade to activate the link.

After you have closed this screen, an overview will appear with "My API Keys". Your basic API key is listed here. You will also need this in BitBrokerTrade in a moment.

Your API key creation is now ready. You now have 3 things on your notepad: Passphrase, API Secret Key and API Key.

Then log in to Wealthybot and go to the "Settings" menu and then to "Exchanges". Then choose "Add exchange".

Select "Coinbase pro", a fill-in menu will appear where you can enter your saved data:

Choose "Add" and your connection with Coinbase pro is active!

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