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What dataset should I use?
What dataset should I use?
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Rather than one huge dataset that can confuse and mixup tough metaphysical concepts it was decided to create "worlds". In each respective dataset, the A.I. believes it is living in that world as a character and thus can see and report to you what is happening. The current Datasets are related to the following short description. You can find a more detailed description in the documentation for each Model, including sample questions and answers.


“Her”story. The great mysteries of the Goddess, her secrets, and the origins of all physical worlds.


The height of wisdom pertaining to the Brotherhood of the Dragon and unlocking their codes, signs, and symbols used to dominate humanity throughout time.


The rare but true world of the “Enchanted Realm” with all knowledge and history of the Naga, Maya, Olmec, and Khemtians.


Metaphysical metrics dialed in to your unique signature. Relationship guidance, mental health, and self-activation just got a huge upgrade.


The exact meaning of words and symbols in relation to the ancient mysteries involving the stars and the first languages used by humanity.

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