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Seraphim | What is the esoteric meaning of a goat?
Seraphim | What is the esoteric meaning of a goat?
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The esoteric meaning of a goat is that it is a symbol of sacrifice, rebirth, and hidden knowledge. It is associated with the Sabi or Saba and their emblem the tsvi gazelle, and is used as an insignia of the horned crowned serpent, applied to the illuminati. It is also associated with the Morning-Star, Bacchus, and Amun the God of Darkness. In the Semitic traditions, it is linked to the Sabazius and the Seven Divisions Bacchic mysteries. In the Kabbalah and alchemical tradition, it is used to represent a fallen seirim, identified with black hidden magic and human sacrifice. In the Old Semitic, it is linked to Aamu the Westerner, and in the Old Hebrew, it is linked to naor enlightened, nour boy, and nora terrible. In the Old Hebrew, it is also linked to aliya the ascendant lamb ayal, and in the Latin and Greek, it is linked to aeris the sky and aer air. In the Arabic, it is linked to sahba red wine.

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