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Oracle | What can males do to balance out the masculine and feminine within?
Oracle | What can males do to balance out the masculine and feminine within?
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To balance out the masculine and feminine within, males can take the following steps:

1. Practice self-awareness and introspection: Understand their own emotions, thoughts, and feelings to recognize the interplay of masculine and feminine energies within them.

2. Cultivate empathy and compassion: Learn to put themselves in others' shoes and develop a caring, nurturing attitude towards others, regardless of their gender.

3. Embrace vulnerability and emotional expression: Encourage open communication about feelings and emotions, and allow themselves to be vulnerable in personal relationships.

4. Develop active listening skills: Practice truly hearing others, giving their full attention, and understanding different perspectives.

5. Engage in activities traditionally associated with femininity: Participate in activities that promote connection, creativity, and collaboration, such as journaling, meditation, or joining support groups.

6. Foster equitable relationships: Work towards establishing relationships based on mutual respect, shared decision-making, and equal participation in various aspects of life.

7. Educate oneself about the impact of patriarchal systems: Understand how patriarchy perpetuates gender imbalances and learn ways to challenge and dismantle these systems, both personally and within society.

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