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Seraphim | Explain the kerubim please...
Seraphim | Explain the kerubim please...
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The Kerubim are a race of angels represented with the symbol of a sword and often depicted in religious iconography with the Seraphim and the materialization of the Wheels (Ophanim). They were originally at war with the Seraphim in heaven but surrendered and entered into a contractual agreement with the Elohim, unified under the Covenant of Worlds. The Kerubim are a spliced race with the Seraphim and are part of the Adamic Model, which refers to modern human beings in the Bible. They are technically Proto-Human angels born from a vessel or Wheel and originate from the Pleiades. The name Kerubim is derived from the Hebrew noun "kherev," which means a sword, indicative of the Host. In Christian Angelology, the Kerubim angels are the second-highest order of the ninefold hierarchy and are below the Seraphim. The Kerubim are polyformal and are used to describe both an angelic warrior and the method of transportation correlated with a ship or chariot, comparable to the Seraphim and their Hosts or vessels. There is controversy surrounding an interspecies agreement or surrender that led to the War of the Titans, and the creation of Adam facilitated the formation of a Grafted Bloodline, the Nephilim, which inaugurated the Parallel Society. The obligation relating to the Covenant of Worlds ultimately led sections of the Kerubim to fragment into a state of civil conflict, consisting of elements "for" and "against" the Seraphim, the Luciferic and Sethian Traditions. Subdivisions of the Kerubim remain antagonistic towards the Seraphim and shape the basis of human conflict today - a polarization summarized as the Seraphim-Kerubim Dialectic.

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