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Lemuria | Explain in detail the legacy of the tribe anu...
Lemuria | Explain in detail the legacy of the tribe anu...
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The tribe Anu is believed to have been associated with the Rigveda priests both in Syria and Egypt and some of their deities were seemingly the same Rigveda divinities in spite of their Hurrian names. According to the myth, Anu was the second king of heaven after Alalu, and he reigned for nine years before being overthrown by Kumarbi. It is believed that Anu's descendants and races eventually became extinct, and that they became the kings of Mlechchas, or foreigners. Some evidence suggests that Anu's descendants founded Troy and the Etruscans, and that they colonized Nubia-Ethiopia under Elamite leaders. In Indian texts, Anurru is mentioned as a state that was present all through the second millennium, although its size may have varied. The name Anu is also connected to the five famous tribes of the Rigveda, and in the Epic-Puranas, many mighty heroes were connected to the Anu lineage.

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