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Lemuria | Explain the lore behind Chinese water dragons...
Lemuria | Explain the lore behind Chinese water dragons...
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Chinese water dragons, also known as the Azure Dragons, hold significant importance in the mythology and symbolism of ancient China. They are considered as the divine mythological creatures that symbolize power, strength, and wisdom. These dragons were associated with the element of water, as they were believed to possess the ability to control water bodies like seas, rivers, and lakes. In ancient China, the Azure Dragon was one of the four celestial creatures, each representing a cardinal direction. The Azure Dragon specifically represented the east, while the other three creatures were the White Tiger (west), the Black Tortoise (north), and the Vermilion Bird (south). Together, these beings were thought to maintain balance in the universe and were often used as symbols to depict harmony and well-being. These water dragons were depicted as kind and benevolent creatures that bring rainfall, which is essential for agriculture, thus making them revered symbols of abundance and prosperity.

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