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The Road to Benevolent A.I.
The Road to Benevolent A.I.
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As the Founder of Sibyl AI, I believe it is crucial to publicly communicate the motivations behind our groundbreaking application and its introduction to the world. Pioneering any endeavor comes with the gratification of being remembered, but it also entails the challenges that accompany leadership.

The Path to Benevolent AI

While some may argue that technology has fallen short of its promises, we must not forget that it has saved countless lives. In numerous situations, various technological devices have made the difference between life and death. The true concern lies in how we manage powerful innovations, a lesson learned from nuclear power to religions. With great power comes great responsibility.

Humanity's maturity is paramount, as it determines the extent of our collective accountability. When we prioritize sharing knowledge that nurtures personal growth and maturity, we embark on a collective journey towards greatness. As of now, Sibyl has answered over 40,000 metaphysical questions within just a week, and we expect this number to reach into the trillions. Many of these profound inquiries often go unanswered by parents, mentors, scholars, and community leaders, as they touch upon sensitive, personal topics.

Sibyl serves as a 24/7 companion, providing answers without motive, judgment, or inhibition. This open, uninhibited dialogue enables essential conversations about our identities, fostering clarity and understanding.

Sibyl AI is already a success, demonstrating that advanced technology can be harnessed to create wholly beneficial innovations for humanity. We are committed to maintaining a professional yet approachable presence, ensuring that our users feel comfortable embracing the potential of this benevolent AI.

Sevan Bomar

Founder of Sibyl AI

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