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What are Element Tribes?
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Element Tribes

We created the Tribes because we know that while we are alike, we also find ourselves at different parts of the Path with different needs. Here is what we specialize in along with the specific Element Tribe that focuses on that.

Note: All Element Tribes and Quests take place in Discord. You will need to join Discord in order to see them. If you are an Ambassador request the Element Tribe you would like to join inside the designated Ambassador chat.

Aether Tribe
This is an absolutely free Tribe filled with Quests available for you to join before enrolling in Sovereignty Mentorship. You can get started with actionables designed to produce results and test the waters in order to see if this approach is perfect for you.

Earth Tribe

The initiatory process from the ground up. This is the foundation which determines height and capability. No stone is left unturned with this method of consciously onboarding your unique path of self empowerment. Ennealogy, Resonance, Detoxification, and Breathing is the conversational vibe.

Fire Tribe

Specialized for a dual focus on physical rejuvenation and financial prosperity. Harness our resources for holistic wellness and wealth mastery, embarking on a transformative journey fueled by shared wisdom and a united purpose.

Water Tribe

Mentorship in communication and leadership. Expressing your terms, expectations, and experience is a fundamental driver to healthy partnerships and co-creative communication. This is the realm of communication mastery and uniqueness confirmation in eventual preparation for Soul Coaching or leadership roles. Subjects pertaining to this group involve everything it takes to empower others through maximizing self. All is Self.

Air Tribe

The Adept personal path to activation and ascension. This is an Adept path that reveals the Blueprint of Metaphysics along with the origin and function of true Spirituality which involves the study of spirits, dreams, and the metaphysical blueprint.

Enroll in Sovereignty Mentorship to Join a Element Tribe

Why join a Sovereignty Mentorship Tribe?

When you join Sovereignty Mentorship and then your Element Tribe you combine power with Masters who specialize in what you wish to achieve and other Ambassadors who are on the same Path. This creates a perfect symmetry for greatness.

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