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What should I eat after my cleanse?
What should I eat after my cleanse?
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First and foremost congratulations on the fast and cleanse we are so proud of you for taking this major step towards Self! Generally you want to come off the fast as mild as possible, especially if you plan on using better eating habits such as less food and better quality.

Organic foods, especially in the form of soups, are always a favorite when breaking fasts since they are the easiest to digest while being mild on the stomach and digestion system. Quinoa is also another great food that is mild, fulfilling in regards to protein, and generally free of toxins.

You will also want to start drinking more fruit and/or vegetable smoothies in conjunction with your breakfast or alone. Be sure to be proactive about the quality of water you drink. You should even consider a well prepared smoothie or vegetable drink for dinner especially when it's late.

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