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What can I eat during the cleanse?
What can I eat during the cleanse?
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Diet is an important factor in determining how mild or strong you're cleanse will be. The only difference between a mild and strong cleanse (besides your comfort level) is that it takes longer to achieve the same effect. There are certain foods that you should try to avoid for best results. They include:*

  • Dairy Products*

  • Fried Foods*

  • Processed Sugars & Syrups*

  • Heavy Salts & Meats*

By making your diet lighter, the same energy that your body would normally use to break down food can now be used to help break down and get rid of the toxins that are stored in your body.*

If you choose not to make any dietary changes (and this is OK), you will still reap the benefits—it will just take longer to get your digestive system completely "cleaned out." The important thing is to proceed at a pace and intensity level that is comfortable for you.*

Take a look at the chart below that is designed to help you gauge your current diet’s compatibility with cleansing and help you figure out the most appropriate steps to "lightening up" your diet – something that will help your body acclimate to the cleansing process.*


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