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Will I feel constantly hungry while undergoing the Deep Detox Cleanse?
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Cleanse, Reprogram + Align

This cleansing kit is composed of detoxifying, nourishing, mineralizing and therapeutic herbs known to target many organ systems, yet particularly focused on the liver, gallbladder, and gut. These herbs help boost metabolism, assisting in the removal of stagnation and toxic accumulation.

Cleansing and detox date back to ancient times. The healing benefits of restricting certain dietary patterns, and adding cleansing superfoods is something that all ancient cultures practiced one way or another. Whether it was for spiritual/religious reasons, or to simply prevent dis-eases, cleansing regimes have been a natural part of human evolution.

There is nothing more satisfactory and powerful than accomplishing a hard cleanse. Cleanses can help deprogram cravings, over-accumulation and even mental patterning that needs weeding out. At Anima Mundi we recommend cleansing several times a year, this makes it an easier habit to adopt, and optimizes higher level body-mind functioning and prevention.


1x Chanca Piedra Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanser (6oz)
1x Mangosteen Hibiscus Beauty Superfood (6oz)
1x Viridem Elixir Green Detoxifier (4 fl.oz)
1x Curam Elixir Anti-inflammatory Beauty (4 fl.oz)
1x Liver Vitality Daily Greens (8 fl.oz)
1x Amargo Digestive Bitter Tonic (2 fl.oz)
1x Pau D’ Arco Anti-Candidal + Immunity (6oz)

*If you’d like to substitute one of the Tonics, Elixirs, or Powders due to an allergy or to align to a different focus, we’re certainly able to. It can either be from one of our products, or from our 150+herbal inventory. Send us a note with your order or an email when ordering.

Chanca Piedra will be your Gallbladder and Liver assistant. The Mangosteen Hibiscus will assist as a powerful antioxidant and blood purification, add-ing the beautifying aspects, like boosting natural collagen production and clearing the skin. and Curam Elixir will be your beautifying sourced plus antioxidant powerhouses. The Viridem and Amargo act as your gut cleansers and powerful detoxifiers. The Pau D’Arco will remove all excess candidal overgrowth, while also being a powerful immune protector.

This cleanse is best when coupled with a plant-based and high-fiber diet. It can also be kicked-up-a-notch and have a liquid cleanse woven into it for a higher intensity approach. The herbs will last for about 1month if used daily in the recommended ratios. Whether you’re doing a 7day, 14day up to a 30day cleanse, the herbs can be used in the same suggested pattern below along with your chosen dietary preferences. You can weave these herbs into any type of cleanse you might be doing, from an all-liquid cleanse to a specific dietary routine, you can use the herbs as described below, or adjusted to your needs to optimize your strategy.

But, most importantly follow your own GUT and listen to the pace you need to go. These medicines can last up to 30 days if taken at the recommended dosage. If you feel within yourself to go at a more gentle rhythm and cleanse at your own pace, please do so. Gauge the dosage that resonates with you, if it feels like the recommended dosage is too much. It’s (very) important to keep a peaceful and stress-free mind during a cleanse to avoid the overproduction of stress hormones and damage.


Early AM: Drink 1tsp Mangosteen-Hibiscus in a cup of warm water, with 1/4tsp Curam Elixir, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

*Before any meal drink your Amargo bitters about 30minutes before eating to increase bile production. (2-3x per day total) Think of this as your booster anytime you’re about to eat a meal, or a heavier smoothie/ juice if you’re on a juice cleanse..

Late AM: Within a green smoothie or juice, blend 1tsp of Liver Vitality per 16oz of juice or smoothie. If you’re experienced in cleansing you can double the amount for a stronger dose.

1-2 hour after lunch, drink 1tsp of Viridem Elixir.

Mid-Late Afternoon: In a decaffeinated chai, or choice of warm latte or tea, incorporate 1tsp of Pau D’Arco. It’s particularly tasty and effective when combined with aromatic and digestive, chai-flavors and very effective when coupled with digestive and aromatic plants, like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, etc.

Evening Tea: 1/4tsp of Chanca Piedra into your choice of evening tea. It works wonderfully with soothing and gentle herbs such as Tulsi, Rose, Fresh Ginger, Dandelion root, Burdock, Chamomile, etc. Optional: add 1/4tsp Curam Elixir.

*Depending on how you’re feeling that day, you can trade out Pau D’Arco to be part of your evening tea, and your Chanca Piedra to be part of your afternoon tea.

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