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Do you have a heavy metals test?
Do you have a heavy metals test?
Updated over a week ago

The short answer is yes, however, this concern about heavy metals sparked by the articles on the internet that many Ayurveda products contained heavy metals is in relation to a variety of products in India that have been packed and stored in aluminum containers and/or contain rancid agents.

Shilajit contains over 80+ ionic minerals so a "metal test" will only produce results that show in some areas higher metal contents but not with the really harmful metals. This is because Shilajit does actually contain minerals. So this test is useless and cannot be used as an indicator for Shilajit quality. The true indicator is the makeup. Is it soft or dry? Does it smell like "cat pee" which is the smell of old badly stored Shilajit or does it smell fresh? These are the indicators.

These products are then investigated by Sevan (w\his team), to determine from start to finish the quality and effectiveness of these products. This is a process that stretches over several years. It would not be mutually beneficial for us to spend the time & money creating this infrastructure, only to risk it all, including our integrity for a couple hundred or even thousands of dollars. It's not worth it. If we were not sure, we simply would not have the product available.

You will find our 3rd party test attached.

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