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What about Tibetan Medicine and Heavy Metals?
What about Tibetan Medicine and Heavy Metals?
Updated over a week ago

This article is written for Affiliates and Customers alike and addresses the concern about heavy metals raised against specific products from specific countries.

This misconception has become a common thorn in the side of Holistic Medicine. What is happening is consumers are being forced to choose what's best for them and their family while in a state of panic and fear. Sometimes it can be the fear of Big-Pharma greed, and other times it can be the fear of being ripped off by placebo Snake-Oil salesmen, who aren't qualified to prescribe remedies. The best way to wade through this fog is to be educated. My intent in writing this is to support you in your position as an affiliate, please choose which parts are helpful to you, and decide what works best for you when communicating this information to your clients.

At Secret Energy we have many products that we offer, all of which are:

1) Time-tested for effect and authenticity. Many of our supplements have serviced the cultures and communities they come from for centuries. Our products have a history rich with proof of effectiveness, so this resolves the issues of product effectiveness and safety.

2) Self-Tested. These products are then investigated by Sevan (w\his team), to determine from start to finish the quality and effectiveness of these products. This is a process that stretches over several years. It would not be mutually beneficial for us to spend the time & money creating this infrastructure, only to risk it all, including our integrity for a couple hundred or even thousands of dollars. It's not worth it. If we are not sure, we simply do not make the product available.

3. Awareness around the Concern: For products that come from places like Tibet, India, Peru etc. What will be different is the quality, age, formula, potency, and legitimacy depending on the sources. What also impacts the quality is how this product is handled, how it is packed, shipped etc. Secret Energy overseas, investigates and audits this process constantly to ensure our quality is amongst the highest.

We are open to anyone purchasing our product and testing it at their leisure. While we cannot speak for all of the Tibetan Medicine coming out of Tibet, we can speak for our own. Our intent is to disqualify any product that does not meet safe and above-average procurement.

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