A person suffering from depression may not live life optimally and may drag through life – without experiencing daily abundance, joy, and unbridled enthusiasm. Certain Tibetan Medicinal herbs, specialized massages and mind/body therapies are time-tested, gentle mind-balancing tools with no side effects. Tibetan Medicine enhances and expedites recovery and people feel the ‘joy of being alive’ and not a mere numbing of anxiety. Some formulas you may want to check out right away if you know someone experiencing these issues are the following.

SEMDE is a traditional Tibetan herbal compound hundreds of years old (Sem-kyi De-kyid or Sem-de)Its name simply translates to “mental happiness” or “happiness of the mind.” Semde consists of 18 remedies meant for irritability, lack of concentration, mental dullness, stress, persistent sadness, unhappiness, and other types of anxiety related conditions and depression.

AGAR 35 is a remedy for anxiety and stress complicated by heat and blood stasis. It manages internal imbalances that cause nervousness and attention deficit.

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