What does Bimala do?
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Bhim Mitra or Bimala is a chief remedy in Tibetan medicine (Dza ti 20). It is described thoroughly in Vimalamitra’s 84,000 healing therapies as an agent against mental instability, support for insomnia, inability to fall asleep, night waking, or simple restlessness. Bimala works equally well for nervousness, sadness, lack of concentration, and forgetfulness.

Often recommended for those on the spiritual path, meditators, and people who are seeking a more calm and balanced mind. In general, Agar 35 and Bimala can be used to treat similar conditions. People who ‘run cold’ should use Bimala, as it is slightly warming, while those who tend toward the hot end of the spectrum may find Agar 35 more supportive.

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