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What does Agar 35 do?
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Agar 35 is a remedy for anxiety and stress complicated by heat and blood stasis. It manages internal imbalances that cause nervousness and attention deficit. The treatment principles for this multi-element solution are to course the liver, rectify the Qi, fortify the spleen, supplement the Qi, nourish the heart, quiet the spirit, transform phlegm, clear heat and quicken the blood.

This formula is called Agar-35 because its main ingredient is Agaru (Sanskrit), A-gar (Tibetan), or Chen Xiang (Lignum Aquilariae) and it contains 35 ingredients altogether. Tibetan formulas tend to contain relatively low doses of each ingredient but many ingredients. By administering small doses of many different medicinals which all accomplish a similar group of functions, there is less likelihood for side effects from any one ingredient, and should the patient’s symptoms change over time, one or more ingredients should cover any new symptoms.

Because of the low doses involved, Tibetan doctors can use some very powerful but otherwise toxic ingredients, such as Ma Qian Zi (Semen Strychnotis). Therefore, such a large formula achieves very comprehensively rounded effects. In fact, this formula not only treats the liver, spleen, stomach, and heart, but also takes into account secondary relationships between these four main organs and the lungs, large intestine, and kidneys.

For instance, the lungs and liver together control the movement of the Qi throughout the body and the lungs provide the motivating power which allows the liver's Qi to flow. Similarly, the liver can only do its function of governing coursing and discharge if it is warmed and steamed by the kidney yang/life-gate fire.

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