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Why are Liquid Monatomics so expensive?
Why are Liquid Monatomics so expensive?
Updated over a week ago

There is a cost to the proper alchemical procurement of precious and semi-precious elements. Unlike the dry diatomics sold on the internet as monatomics or white powder gold, our monatomics are pure liquid synthesis.

We have partnered with a Swiss laboratory that works with natural pharmaceuticals for research and development. They employ more than 380 people with a capital investment in research and development upwards of $50 million. In addition to these costs, there are professional production costs.

We cannot discount our prices further without heavy loss. We are aware that this makes our product a VIP profiled solution, however, Monatomic products are not more expensive than any other medical product considering their effectiveness. We are the only company with this innovative and exclusive technology and we continue to make investments in pioneering further research and use cases in this technological field.

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