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6 - The Allegiant
How do I deal with an over-sexualized spouse?
How do I deal with an over-sexualized spouse?

Path 6 - The Allegiant

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What meditation practices are you practicing for removing this energy. Maybe using sage, frankincense and myrrh. Ask yourself, what is it about me that attracted that thing to me? Speak to the spirit directly, tell it to remove itself from you. If it is your partner, communicate that with them, get a better understanding of what it is that is connected to him.

It is advised to not engage with the energy sexually. With sexually transmitted diseases, It was already a spiritual manifestation, now it impacts the physical. Sex is spiritual and when its distorted everything is off balance. There has to be boundaries, maybe go on a cleanse together, go meditate together. 

Sex opens you up to all kinds of energy. Be mindful of that, find other alternatives rather than engaging in sex, maybe tantric breathing. Your body is your temple, in this case it’s best to be selfish being away, until maybe you get him to nullify that energy. Love yourself enough to talk to him and tell him you need a break. Get him to understand that you are a supreme being. 

A  6 marrying a number 5 may not be a good fit. A lot of challenges may come from this relationship. 

You need to know your boundaries and work on yourself. Women sometimes don’t take care of the different aspects of self and then come into a relationship wondering why it doesn’t work. Work on the self, practice self-care and self-cultivation. Getting to know what your body can do. 

A relationship is a reflection of yourself. Ask yourself what is it you need from a relationship as a number 6. This might not be about him, but more about you. Sometimes we force relationships when the first relationships should be with yourself, look at yourself instead of your partner. These demons sometimes are aspects of yourself.

Instead of running away from your demons, confront them and inquire them.Your subconscious is revealing yourself, maybe having a talk with the demon and asking the right questions.

Prepare yourself properly, whether it is moving on or confronting your partner, you need to be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually to do so. If you don’t feel like you can walk away from something like this you need to work on yourself to fortify yourself to make a decision like this.

As a Path 6, six is sex, so you have to have boundaries with yourself, protect your beauty so others want to protect your beauty too.

Archetypes, helps us have these relationships with ourselves, how to relate with ourselves. These numbers help us know each other better and relationship with other people. We are all of the numbers, these archetypes inside of us. 

We need to ask ourselves: Are we able to grow and expand from all of this?  If not, maybe this isn’t the most balanced place for us to be. Maybe this isn’t the person you’re supposed to be with. Instead of staying stagnate, this is a good time to do something about it. Some people pretend to like certain things about certain people. We are sovereign beings, it’s important to acknowledge that, to tap into who we are and clean up that energy in our relationships. 

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