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Why is it so hard to listen to my inner voice?
Why is it so hard to listen to my inner voice?
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Practice Breathing. When you can’t listen it’s because you’re talking. Try to practice silence, maybe 45hours silence, away from your phone, practice that silence go out in nature. Maybe try 1 hour at first and slowly increase the time. If you’re looking for fast results, Vipassana 10 days of silence, can well up a lot of manifestation power and control of self, maybe something to look into on that course to listen to yourself.        

Try to practice silence on a Friday. Its power comes from inner beauty, finding the diamond within. Going into nature and sit by a tree facing south, an old Mayan practice. And you ask it Who am I? and you sit in silence. Then you go to the west of the tree with you back up against the tree and ask Where did I come from? Then the North of the tree and ask “Why am I here? East hand in your heart “What is my path?” and make an offering. Mayans offered tobacco, but you can use corn flour since its healing. And you get inner guidance from the tree. You can try that on a Friday.

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