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How can I move pass shyness and live up to my full potential?
How can I move pass shyness and live up to my full potential?

Path 7

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From a perspective of Alchemy, give yourself Three times, don’t judge, and give yourself that opportunity to figure it out and try again.

As a 7 your quality is to be brave and take risks. You have to be open to experiences that others have not gone through and take a chance on yourself because you are the greatest potential. Practice on telling a story about yourself, record it, maybe listen to it so you train yourself and hear how you sound and practice on other people. Look at yourself in the mirror be proud of who you are, say what you have to say, and practice doing it in the background before doing it in front of other people. 

That feeling of nervousness when you go live or you are about to be in front of people, will not go away. It’s only consistent repetition that will allow you to brave that part and you will get more familiar with that. Sometimes the way to get beyond it, is to stop trying to get beyond it, just accept it. Ultimately, it’s excitement, and there’s a way to cultivate it, breathing it up.

Seek out a group that could offer you space for practicing and for feedback in a safe space, Secret Energy Sovereignty Mentorship is a great space to do that!

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