Joining Ambassador Training and Sovereignty Mentorship, this is an opportunity to get in with others that are not judging you, there will be someone that will be close enough to where you are at that you will find a harmonic balance with and you can start to communicate with them first and can be a gateway to you begin to communicate with others. At times we can look for certain things but look in the wrong places. You have to go where the people are that you are looking for. 

Be patient, allow that process to unfold, it’s not an urgency it’s not a problem, don’t judge it, it is what it is and then be active in bringing in the connections and the resources that are going to benefit you as you continue to move forward. 

Psychic 7's love to be introverted, but you have to come down from that and realize you are in a real world, but there’s people around that need that physical connection and you need that physical connection. Tell your story to other people and you will attract that world you are looking for. Create something. It’s simple things that you can get online and do, and somebody might just respond to you on the other side. Don’t get too caught up into yourself that you miss out on everything around you. 

Psychic 7's are very empathetic and psychic, the wanting to be alone can come because you soak up other energies around you. Learning how to protect your field, because you can feel other’s emotions and how to maintain your vibrations, having that solid foundations so when you do go out into the world you are protected. 

Secret Energy’s Geo Location is on, so you can see who’s in your area and you can connect with your people!

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