We all blossom different. When you start tapping into self and understanding what motivates you, you start attracting that energy. 7s gravitate around a sense realness, so tap into what you want so when you connect with others you are “clear” with what you want.         

Because 7’s are so spiritual and empathic, you feel everyone around you, so you use it as a defense mechanism because you are so connected. It can be draining, be sensitive to yourself, don’t assume, be patient with that you’re feeling and recognize that.        

7’s go inside, they are very spiritual, so if you treat everything as an experience, like tapping into other people, if you’re able to look at it as an experience, being open to everything to see what they can teach you.        

A way to increase your psychic power to help relate with others, empathy, they do Tratak meditation, staring at a candle flame until your eyes start watering then you can close your eyes, and wearing White while you’re doing this is powerful. 

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