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How do I spread wisdom when I feel like I'm to young and lack experience?
How do I spread wisdom when I feel like I'm to young and lack experience?
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If you feel you have a lot of wisdom then give it but start somewhere. As a 9 being a jack of all trades. Look into our Ennealogy, look at the professions that come up with the 9. Dip and dab into the things you’re interested in and it will guide you through. Use your outlet, your creativity, your music to spread information. If you allow the information to build and be stuck, it can be frustrating. Use your creativity as a way to deliver that information. You don’t have to wait to bring forth your gift. The 9 is the Mars energy, the energy is protective and enthusiastic, it is great that you are getting great consul that is useful to you, that way you use it to bring forth your gift in a powerful way. 

As 9, the more you give the more they receive, as the number of completions, it has to fall into the absolute of (k)nothingness into that point in order to learn. The more challenges a 9 receives they more they receive through that (k)nothingness. Very spiritual enlightened people, they do have a lot of challenges in their life but with each challenge they grow.

You can use apps like Zoom, Audacity, Spreaker, that you can use to record yourself and see how you sound, so you can get your message out there, musically, or as a podcast, then you can record and see if you can put it out or not.

As a 9, why they receive when they give so well, and mathematically when you add 9 to anything brings back itself. Meaning when you’re assisting someone the highest level of what they are you are able to gain. 
(example: 9+5= 14 ; 1+4=5) 

You sharing allows you to receive. For most number 9’s they will be constantly put under pressure that would hinder them from giving out what they had so that they can receive something back.

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