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3 - The Orchestrator
How do I focus on only one passion when I have so many?
How do I focus on only one passion when I have so many?
Path 3 - The Orchestrator
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Follow your highest excitement! What is your higher excitement NOW? When you follow that you, gives you your field being in your highest joy, reflected back to you. Constantly follow your Highest Joy. Your heart is your internal guidance, not your mind. Why are you chasing it?     Once you understand your motivation, you can see what you need to put your energy into. What is more important for me NOW? If you need to bring a level of income, you need to put more energy into that. Be sure where you are putting your energy in and what your using it for?

Jupiter you have an overflowing energy, tap into your highest excitement. Focus on the highest breeze, that if you can, do it for years, and then maybe after you’ll find something else. Write a plan, set an order, of priorities. Since you have so many energies you allow yourself to come into and as well express them. Are you slowing yourself down? Are you meditating? Guided visualizing? Breathing? Mantra? Or walking meditation (you can fill a glass bowl with water and walk with it and focus on the water in the bowl)? Remember that the answers come between the words. So many ways can help you get into that space and when you are in that space, ask yourself what is going to give me the highest joy?

Having many stimulus to help: What do I want to see as my end goal? Have something written down, also visualization, or multiple stimulus reminding you why your on the path you are on. We are facing a deluge of information, and it can become a direct assault on mastery and focus since it does takes time to do. Make sure that you build in your schedule to slow down.

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