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How can I stop a telepathic connection that I do not desire?
How can I stop a telepathic connection that I do not desire?
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It would be great to visit spaces where you have shared a connection with this person and close that space. Something we need to do because we have so many intimate connections with so many people. You have the power to go in and shut this off somehow. A lot of solutions are internal, diving into why you have that connection with that person and why you really want to shut it off? It’s usually a gift to have that with someone, maybe how you can transmute the energy to make it more beneficial for both of you. And analyze it in that way.          

Raise your own vibration on focus on yourself. Sometimes having your own connection with yourself and raising that force will disintegrate other telepathic connections. 

Imagine cutting those cords and connections and tap into that joy of self which is stronger to tune out those other energies that may not serve you at the moment. 

Everyone that comes into your orbit is a teacher for you, ask yourself what it is that you need to learn. You need your discernment to know when to disconnect. But examine because being telepathic, you being connected to someone is natural to you, so why would you want to go against that? Always self discovery. 

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