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How can I find harmony with my mother who is a psychic 2?
How can I find harmony with my mother who is a psychic 2?
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The dynamic of the 9 and 2, as a 9 you are very strong, and 2s can be dependent and shy. As a 9 you have to be strong and hold space for your mother, while you work out those traumas. Stand strong so your reflection your mother can see that. Pursue the healing for yourself, then for your mother or other family members.

 When dealing with your family, they are direct reflections of who you are. You can respond with measure on having to deal with the person. Work on healing the DNA through meditation, the Ho'oponopono meditation. Knowing what role you play in your story, so that you can engage in a way that heals, not confronting it with conflict.  Having relationships and dealing with the issues, even if it’s hard, they are lessons that can teach you. Maybe it’s not about the 2 but how you are seeing the 2.

Time traveling, seeing through your parent’s eyes, dive into the space of where they took certain decisions and accepting why they took those decisions, what can you learn from going through this. Take responsibility for that navigation into your timeline.

Working with goddess energies, Kali chops off people’s heads off, primarily to chop of their egos, so you can imagine chopping their head off and imagine putting your head on their body, bringing that into a meditation, having a conversation with myself, so how are you going to take that communication with that member of the family. 

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