Sit with it, give it space, face it, call support of high vibrational support, and ancestors. You’ve been victorious before, there’s nothing that can prevent for you to do that. If it is an ancestral current that’s quite strong, there’s so much support all you can do is your best.      

Try the Ho'oponopono prayer: I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you. Meditation you can do for 21 days. 

Go inside of yourself, if you don’t have a direct connection to any of your ancestors that’s alive, you can do it to anyone who is close to you, from your mother’s side, or your father’s side go backwards through the generations just to heal the DNA. Doing this consistently for more than 21 days, can heal relationships that you have with current people, or relationships that have been damaged. You are the healer for your family, for your own cells. When you go in the meditation close the doors behind you so your following lineage doesn’t suffer from the same traumas.       

Addictions are repetitive behavior. Try to replace the habit to get out of that destructive behavior. Replace it for something that helps you move to a better reality.We are sovereign we can change the dynamic of our behavior.Support helps. There are so many solutions, 

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