Getting in touch with cycles, as an 8, Saturn, and it’s connection to agriculture. Understanding the flow of life. You have to be patient with yourself, some cycles are longer with others. Since it’s a long-haul path, work with saving. Take a look at “The Minority Mindset” on YouTube. Money is an art, get educated in money, because it is such a finite thing. 

Tarpanam is suggested, which is the ancestral offering. It could be some ancestors, that might not have gotten time to shine. You offer gifts like sweets, flowers, white rice, water, incense.  Night before a new moon, the darkest night of the month, when the veil is the thinnest and our ancestors come to visit, and you make this offering when they can come feast and move into the light and beyond this plane, and get out of your way If they’re blocking your way.

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