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When I reach a certain level in life something negative always happens, why?
When I reach a certain level in life something negative always happens, why?
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Tarpanam is suggested, which is the ancestral offering. It could be some ancestors, that might not have gotten time to shine. You offer gifts like sweets, flowers, white rice, water, incense.  Night before a new moon, the darkest night of the month, when the veil is the thinnest and our ancestors come to visit, and you make this offering when they can come feast and move into the light and beyond this plane, and get out of your way If they’re blocking your way. 

ncreasing your superpower, your joy, wearing a sapphire. Your joy belongs to you. Is it dance, a charm, a song, and have that close to you. Try to stay in the savoring in your accomplishments, tiny or huge is a chance to give thanks. Try to stay in the savoring of the moment. 

Reflecting why you are have this though that something is hindering you, because it can be a chink in your armor. Everything comes in waves, you’re going be up and you’re going be down, being prepared for what can happen is always a great space to be in. It could even prevent it, it’s only when you’re vulnerable that you attract things occur to you that you weren’t prepared for you. 

Maybe there is energy around us that do harmonizing that energy, doing the ancestral connection and allowing that energy to clear the space. 

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