Going through The Keymakers series as a new comer to get pointers as a new person to metaphysic and consciousness and how to get centered into yourself before even starting to deal with others and also how to deal with others and how to get deeper with your level of communication with this person, so you can establish that level of trust and to become more mature about your relationships and what you really are expecting from another person and if their responsibility to even give you that type of security when you can bring that back on your end and feel so much more empowered because you don’t feel like it’s like counting against you because the person is not going to do what you tell them to do. If you are not trusting someone to do something you have to get to a stage where you establish that you can’t trust them but you are still going to be with them or I can’t live in a relationship with someone that I can’t trust. So, it’s ultimately a maturity thing. The breathing and the meditation will assist you in going through that process, and the Enneology will give you strong indicators to what the person’s subset is and if they are going to be able to comply with what you are asking. 

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