Don’t be so hard on yourself, it comes with practice. When we’re young we put stress on ourselves where we need to be fast. Give yourself time. Number 8’s tend to have dry intestines. How clean are your intestines? Have you done a cleanse? Sometimes it could be that your dealing with parasites. 

Become aware of your dark nature, it takes a lot to know yourself, don’t be hard on yourself, understand your dark nature so you know exactly where you want to be. A lot of 8 paths tend to be in the entertainment Industry, know that you’ll get your shine. Take it slow, you’ll get there once you go within, Y you are your own governor, THE governor, this is what you run, as an 8 you have to know that. 

If an 8 is not balanced you can send things through a infinite loop, with your own natural magic. You have it all, you are the all, with the Saturnal energy, you’ll get there it in time. Allow for maturing to happen. 

Get into your own uniqueness, everyone has their own way to explore this, something that is just yours. Its more fundamental than how you want to describe it, it goes to the core and essence of who you are, and that begins to eliminate the jealousy because it cultivates your uniqueness that it’s your own, and nothing is greater than what you are because it’s yours, you have it All. 

8 is a very sound path, as 22, 2+2=4 you’re halfway there, you are tied into skills, like a craftsman it, thing that takes time but you will be able to bring it into mastery. You need to put the dedication to learn a real skill, the faster you do that you will be collapsing the time it takes to master the skill. Find and start developing the skill of your uniqueness, you are wasting time looking at others, it’s about collapsing time. 

No one is specifically one number, we have all an essence of all. It’s about how to use alchemy, to bring in some other energies to balance yourself out. How are you perceiving your environment? It’s important to know what’s next, what’s the plan so were not looking at what others are doing, and you’re more focused. You’re just 22 if you put in in application you will collapse time, you need to do things like your and old person so you get there faster. Natural talent respects the skill.

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