You move so fast you don’t see the full picture, so tap into slowing down. Breathe, sit with the breath because it takes you to the center. You can finish and you’re going to finish strong but you have to slow down. A yellow crystal can help you. Try to get up at sunrise.

Your power source is the sun, practice sun gazing, best time is an hour after sunrise. The gem powder, pearl half a teaspoon before bed. Because of your natural shine, you tend to overdo everything, so balance these aspects of yourself, don’t be TOO ambitious, control everything. If you’re doing something with Accounting, being a leader, and working with the system, numbers are the opposite of your kind of ideal work, you’re dealing with repetition checking things over and over again. Harmonize with your path, if you do go back into something you really don’t want to do, there’s a limit to how some people should be taking in information. We shouldn’t do something we don’t feel like we don’t want to be doing.

You have to make a decision to move away from something you don’t want to do. Give yourself a finite time of giving all your energy into what it is you are doing and see what the outcome of that is.

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