It’s a personal thing of finding your own rhythm. Sunday are a power day for 1’s.
1st, 19th, 28th and 10th of every month are your power days. 

What to do with that abundance of energy? You can put it in your calendar and schedule to do those things that speak to your soul a little more and put that on that power day and see what you can pull out of it.

A power day in Enneology, are the days that have the numerical sequence in your path have a lot of significance, it is recommended to even fast on those days to get the most connection to yourself. (Example: If you are a 9, Tuesday is a day that’s consecrated for you)

It’s such a useful knowing your numbers to connect, but it’s up to you on how you work with your energy but know it’s there. You can use the Cosmic Calendar, to feel and connect with the resonance of the day, use your tools. You learn the color, the stone, the scent, for the day and recognize these things within your body, and how it works and what these days feel like inside of us

If you are a 10, zero magnifies the intensity and the power of the number. Sunday is the day of the light, the day of the sun, it is your power day, sungazing on this day is also recommended. Since a lot of number 1’s have a lot of nervous system or column problems, in the back of their neck, so allow the sun to soak and energize that part. 

You can do the math and put all those days in your calendar. There’s a part of discipline and responsibility, so you don’t find yourself getting drained on you power days.  

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