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What is the metaphysical significance of the moon and the star during Ramadan and how does it relate to my path?
What is the metaphysical significance of the moon and the star during Ramadan and how does it relate to my path?
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The moon and the star are sacred symbols of the goddess. Ramadan starts April 23rd, and April 22nd is the last day of the choosing of the Ēostre, and the Easter finding of the egg is the finding the goddess within yourself. Seeing how you’re going to align your powers for the remainder of this cycle. What you are doing during these times equates to the energy you are dialing in. During these times there was a lot of fear and a lot of unsurety many people were dialing in a goddess that doesn’t have foundation, a goddess that’s a bout fear and war and pestilence. There’s a goddess for everything. (Goddess is the energy you are going to dialing into on the physical plane, the divine feminine is related to everything on the physical plane as everything being vessels being filled with light) 

The pentagram and the crescent moon are in relation to Venus behind the Sun actually, it’s not the moon, it’s the sun, as Venus traces a crescent behind the Sun during this phase.

After you chose your Ēostre, you begin to work with that energy since we are stepping into the time where there’s lot of fertility, a lot of the plants are budding, and you’ll see nature the rain is coming, seasons are changing. Metaphysics is that it’s not just a guess, you should be able to see the truth as everything corresponds all around you. You should be able to see that truth in everything else.

After Ramadan you go unto Hajj which is the pilgrimage to Kaaba, or the black Box, and anything to do with the box has everything to do with the sexual component of the female. And this “cave of wonders” is where everything is produced from. So that Pilgrimage is to go to that depth of yourself and you begin to circulate. It’s now being done externally, for less or just any of the effect. These laws of metaphysics of nature and how they work back internally and they will make perfect sense to us. Each of us gets to choose the energy we dial into; this relates to every person in every path and when it’s time to dial in to that energy you want to connect with.

 When you go into the esoteric knowledge you have to see what picture cones into your mind, you feel your transmission of what is your inner gnosis of how to look at these energies and trust in that. Pay attention to what your perception, not always how it’s being explaining to you but what it means to you. 

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