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Are psychic number 7 and 4 compatible because every time my boyfriend (4) gets upset my stomach turns?
Are psychic number 7 and 4 compatible because every time my boyfriend (4) gets upset my stomach turns?
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Relationships are very dynamic, if you have success but your relationship is on the rocks then you don’t feel that, but if your successful with finances and such but you have a great relationship it sometimes doesn’t matter because you found this love and that’s how you’re sustaining yourself, so relationships are very important for what they do in our lives. 

It’s important to fess up to how relationships should be properly conducted. It comes to maturity to see the cycles and patterns and see how you are causing those patterns. 

The goal in life is to unlock the goddess within yourself which is limitless. As a female there is nothing you need from a male because we look to the female to bring us everything we have in the physical plane. Contrary to what we see. If you have all this power and abundance, you have to realize your power. That pain in your stomach indicates that you have not found that, and the male conclude his exploration, he will see you at that stop point of yourself, he will only begin to reflect that, or see what else he wants to explore because he saw a conclusion there. Once we change relationships, being so dynamic, we might change our entire reality. 

As a 7 female, and 4 male, they are very complimentary, moon energies, as opposite sides of the spectrum. As a 4s and 7s they encounter some difficulties, a lot of change, it’s important to see how much is self-caused and what is external caused. Learning your dynamics and challenges is important.

You are very emphatic, you can’t give someone the power of something that is so fragile, so powerful, it’s yours. You give it but not in the way that can bring you into a sort of distortion. You don’t give all of your everything, that tales your power out. 

Ketu (7) being the body and Rahu (4) being the head. It works if the 7 is very supportive of the 4. You’ll see Ketu (7) is very supportive of the Rahu. You’ll see Ketu in supporting Rahu wherever it needs to get to. 

For number 7, being very intuitive, pay attention where you are feeling it, it might be your intuition, trust that and you’ll know where to go, who to trust. When it’s the bottom or the pit of the stomach is a warning, tend to back away. Use discernment. Trust your gut. 

Just because they might be a good fit as a number, they might not be a good fit for you to you. If you feel it in the womb and it doesn’t feel right, it might not be the best situation for you. 

Look at the moon and how your relationship connects with the moon. It’s about trusting the gut and what’s right for you. It all works when you begin to connect those aspects of yourself.  Fasting, clearing your gut helps receive communication 

It’s Surgeons work, if you innerstand the mythos, Rahu and Ketu used to work as one but there were severed. Who can put the head back on the body? When a magnet breaks and you try to put it back together, where it broke there is a resistance that occurs now. If you do make it work it equals so dynamic, so great because you have a very powerful being that has been working partially and you put that together. But you first have to do that to yourself, 7 needs the proper guidance, the head. If you want to bring something together, you need to know and have to take charge to mend the process together, and let the 4 be the head, and if you don’t see that as being possible or a part of your life, either you come in and make changes, or follow you gut feeling. 

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