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How can I find patience with my goals?
How can I find patience with my goals?

Path 4

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When you are operating something as complex as your life, you are trying to calibrate it first, and calibrations are made on what appear like mistakes. Try not to take it too crazy on yourself. The 4 is very similar to how the sun operates, which is a perfectionist and systematic sign. It’s not that you won’t encounter issues on the first time of anything complicated, so having an idealism where that is not supposed to happen is unrealistic. 

From a perspective of Alchemy, give yourself Three times, don’t judge, and give yourself that opportunity to figure it out. 

You will have some frustrations, as 4s you like to build and tend to see the end as you are beginning. So, as you get closer to the end a lot of things can change that original vision. In every turn and change is the lesson. 

The impatience and being a perfectionist can be a positive thing, because when you do things, they are brilliant. The negative traits are what we learn from. Instead of self-beating yourself, looking at it as situations to learn from and you’ll notice how the impatience with your goals can help you get to those things that are brilliant. 

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