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Is it possible to be with the wrong partner, even when married and with kids?
Is it possible to be with the wrong partner, even when married and with kids?
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Realizing for yourself if the person has to offer a benefit or an impedance for you. Challenge numbers are numbers that will give you an opportunity to grow in a different way. 1’s and 9’s sit on the different poles, it can cause conflict within how each being is seeing and processing how intimately the other person is engaging in the reality. 1’s are usually too high-strung, feel like they always have to be on time and feel like they have to always lead and because we need to grow it could be time out for that, time to learn how to go with the flow a bit more. So if one energy brings one type of force, and the other one brings the other type of force, it is going to  be a challenge as a 1 to slow down but if that’s what you need in your life that is what you can hope to get from the other partner that they have united them. It is important to consider our partners and how we’re behaving, so is my 1 being systematic something THEY want to see in their lives. So maybe they as a 9 are looking to be more systematic and more on time, then you have a perfect match!

When we mention Twin Flames we think we’re going to pair with someone who will be everything we want. Each person is projecting what they want on to the other person. At the beginning there might be a huge flame, huge love, but it starts to be put out over time as we learn that they don’t do those specific things that we’d prefer. Sometimes when we begin to project those things on to others, if they concede, we stop them from being who they are. And that’s who you were originally who you were attracted to this phenomena can lead to you no longer be attracted to them since they’re not originally who they were and could happen back to you, they’ll change things about you and then both aren’t looking at who they truly are, but still carrying on every day. And this is a part of an illusionary system that affects both. 

As your partner being a 9 they can be complacent and very happy, as a 9 they could be complacent where they are even though you’re happy. Communication is everything, to communicate that with your partner, go deep and ask those questions, speak on your balances and imbalances.

Acceptance and no judgment of the situation, assessing where you are in the moment, in essence the decision to enter into the relationship you brought to life two beautiful beings and that was right. As sovereign beings, you have the power to determine in this moment if this makes sense or how to make it make sense. As a 1 as the sun, thinking about your decision making, tap into the 1 energy to shine and resonate in that power of the primum of the sun in your own power. As you tap into that frequency in your own self, in a long standing relationship, you can get out of touch and out of tune with that essence of who you are, but when you tap into it and you resonate on that level, that rising tide will float all boats. You’ll be amazed how your relationships will shift and change as you begin to vibrate into a different frequency, and if it doesn’t happen that way you’ll still be in a better position and to be clear on what the next steps are because you’ll be in a better position.

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