Set the intention that you want to meet your guides, proclaim it, and there’s a variety of ways to do it, meditation is the most accessible one that you can do, and even in your dream space. Talking to yourself before entering the dream state like: “I am the master of my own dreams, I am entering the dream space, I call forth my guides, I call forth my higher self to connect me to my guides so that they can materialize in my dream space or my conscious awareness or subconscious awareness.” If you can access plant medicine or be on a facilitated journey, and also looking into your lineage you may start to see something.

Cleansing and fasting can be very powerful, doing it gently in a way that can help you a sustainable lifestyle shift. Cleaning out the diet and the body and being able to open the channels to hear and receive the information. 

For the 1s, the specific meditation is with the rising sun, sungazing at this time that the sun isn’t as strong (squinting at first and slowly being able to open your eyes with practice). You have always been guided, so sometimes your guide is that random person that says something to you. So, it’s really you paying attention and being in the awareness. 

As a 1 you should think about how you are shinning your light on yourself and connecting with that space you will be able to get that connection you are desiring. 1s usually have a connection with animals, so maybe working in the animal world and maybe working with animal spirits/energies. 

Devotion is crucial for a number 1 and enthusiasm, so when you are getting in tune with your guides be enthusiastic about it, be happy about it, approach them with joy compassion and appreciation. Just as the sun shows up with compassion every day for the job. 

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