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What is Ennealogy?
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Ennealogy is a system of personality typing and self-discovery that combines astrology, numerology, and the Enneagram. It categorizes people into nine main archetypes or "paths" that correspond to the nine celestial bodies recognized in astrology (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu).

Each of the nine paths has its own set of defining characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, motivations and life lessons:

1. The Primum (Sun) - rational, idealistic, perfectionistic, natural leaders

2. The Altruist (Moon) - caring, sensitive, nurturing, prone to people-pleasing

3. The Orchestrator (Jupiter) - ambitious, success-oriented, charismatic, image-conscious

4. The Maverick (Rahu) - individualistic, creative, adaptable, feels misunderstood

5. The Analyst (Mercury) - cerebral, curious, innovative, scattered, nervous

6. The Allegiant (Venus) - committed, artistic, relationship and security focused

7. The Dynamo (Ketu) - energetic, experience-seeking, spiritual, impractical

8. The Potentate (Saturn) - powerful, authoritative, controlling, self-reliant

9. The Arbitrator (Mars) - protective, assertive, competitive, quick-tempered

When a person is balanced and actualizing the higher potentials of their path, they exhibit the path's most positive traits. For example, a balanced Primum embodies wise leadership and dedication to humanitarian causes. An Analyst in balance is an open-minded visionary. The Allegiant expresses steadfast, courageous love.

However, when out of balance, the path's negative traits and neuroses surface. An imbalanced Potentate can become ruthlessly domineering. An Altruist will self-neglect in order to earn others' love. The Maverick feels alienated and resentful.

Each path is associated with certain physiological correspondences, such as bodily systems, organs and ailments they are prone to. For instance, the Allegiant/Venus path governs the kidneys, throat and reproductive system. Dysfunctions in these areas may arise when this type is unbalanced.

Additional symbolism is given for each path as well, including colors, elements, gems, fragrances, instruments, plants, and animals that resonate with that planetary energy. The Primum is embodied by the lion, gold, and cinnamon, for instance. Whereas the Maverick resonates with serpents, obsidian stones, and the scent of patchouli.

Ennealogy posits that by understanding our core path and its lessons, we can work to transmute our weaknesses, optimize our gifts, and evolve to higher states of being. Remedies are prescribed for achieving greater balance, such as specific yoga poses, meditations, affirmations and lifestyle adjustments tailored to each type.

Ultimately, Ennealogy aims to provide a universal language for harmonizing the body, mind and soul. While each individual is seen as a unique expression of their astrological imprint, we all share the same goal - progressing on the journey back to unity consciousness. In this sense, Ennealogy can be a potent tool for accelerating personal and collective human evolution.

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